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BI Strategy
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BI Strategy, Qlik Turkey Partner (Authorized Reseller), provides license, maintenance, training and consulting services for QlikSense, QlikView and Attunity products. Services are provided to all sectors and departments wherever there is data and demand.

BI Strategy, end to end solution provider, methodologies and close working principles with customers helps customers to contribute a more competitive, profitable and efficient operation. BI Strategy experience in Business Intelligence applications help organizations to go live faster with good solutions in risk-free environments.

Qlik Sense License


Licenses can be collected under Data Analytics and Data Integration headings. Subscription model has replaced Perpetual model for new customers.
  • Qlik Sense
  • NPrinting
  • SAP Connector
  • Connectors
  • QlikView
  • Replicate
  • Compose
  • Data Catalog
Qlik Sense Maintenance & Technical Support

Technical Support

To take advantage of BI Strategy Technical Support services, you can contact us by phone or our Support Portal. We provide on-site technical support for problems that cannot be solved by establishing a remote connection with TeamViewer and GoToMeeting technologies. In addition, we provide definitive solutions to our customers by registering with the parent company whenever we deem necessary.
  • E-mail
  • Phone
  • Remote Access
  • On Site
Qlik Sense Training

BI Strategy Training

BI Strategy primary goal is to transfer the technical information about the use of the Qlik Sense product in the most comprehensive way and to help the users use the product in the most effective way by speeding up the adaptation process to this program. In addition, it is among BI Strategy primary goal to bring the users to the level to speak the same language with our consultant team and to provide them with a solution-oriented approach by transferring the problems they encounter in the most accurate way.
  • QlikView End User Training
  • QlikView Developer Training
  • Qlik Sense End User Training
  • Qlik Sense Developer Training
Qlik Sense Consultancy

BI Strategy Consultancy

Implementation time of Qlik Business Intelligence Platform, which is much more suitable for today’s conditions, ease of technical support, high availability rate, and patented and innovation-based technologies in the business intelligence industry enable rapid growth of Qlik Partners. BI Strategy consultants, who have extensive experience, have implemented Qlik projects for our customers in all sizes and different sectors. The roles of BI Strategy consultants in Qlik projects are as follows.
  • Daily, Periodical
  • Full Time Consultancy
  • Performance Optimization
  • Migration
  • Security

Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense BI StrategyImagine an analysis tool so that every user in the company can create their own reports and access hidden information in huge data sets with dynamic cockpits. This is now possible. It is a revolutionary self-service data visualization and data discovery tool designed for individuals, departments and institutions. Quickly visualize your data using Qlik Sense, query it down to the finest detail, instantly reveal connections and see opportunities from every angle. Analyze all relationships between data dimensions with the combination of patented data indexing engine and smart visuals. Discover hidden points in traditional approaches and classic query-based data models. Not sure where to start? No problem! Just start typing your search words in the “Smart Search” field. See clearly the tips about the data you want to search, all relevant and non-relational topics in the instant frontend. Gain comprehensive insight into multiple data sources without sacrificing performance. With its user-friendly interface, do not stay away from your data while your daily life continues. While you adapt to the device without any additional development, start your analysis from your desktop computer and continue from your tablet or smartphone. Share analysis results with visual components with the Qlik Sense Storytelling feature, and improve your communication and collaboration with your teammates. Increase your data literacy through Qlik Certification programs. Ask for Demo & POC.

License Types;
Proffessional has full functionality. Application development, system management and creating custom charts during analysis.
Analyzer can access to the applications and apply filters. Considered as report viewer..

UponBI Qlik Sense Mobile – next generation mobile

UponBI Qlik Sense Mobile“UponBI for Qlik Sense” works on iOS & Android, supporting native user experiences. In addition, by leaving the standard line-based graphic layout, make custom screen designs as you wish, as well as make adhoc analysis with page-oriented data or add your favorite graphics to the quick access menu. In addition, defining to your own alerts with the alert feature and receive KPI-based notifications. It will be immediately noticed that besides the above features, we offer much more than a web browser experience. In addition, we believe that it will be highly accepted by users as we offer a similar experience to social media applications frequently used in daily life. Before using the application, no need to make any improvements in your environment and start seeing the reports after connecting to the system. Download UponBI Qlik Sense Mobile from Apple Store or Google Play Store and try it in a live demo environment. If you request a free license, just open a QlikSense application of your choice and send us the link in the browser. We will generate a free license key for you. Ask for license.

Download UponBI Apple Store Download UponBI Google Play Store

Attunity Replicate

Qlik Replicate (Attunity Replicate)Attunity Replicate (Qlik Replicate) offers easy-to-use and very low-cost solutions that are implemented very quickly with high speed database replication. Thanks to Attunity Replicate, which does not bring extra burden on the database with its unique technology on databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, and DB2, organizations provide added value in a very short time and can achieve a very high return on investments. “Click 2 Replicate” approach brought by Attunity for replication identification and management allows database administrators to create new replications without even training, and also manage them. The replication definitions made on the web interface are monitored from the same web interface and the system can be monitored with the Click 2 Replicate approach. Attunity Replicate’s “Zero-footprint” technology offers replication to source and target systems without the need for installation. Attunity Replicate, which captures changing records by accessing database logs, does not impose any burden on the operational system since it does not require installation on the servers where the source database is located. Ask for Demo & POC on Qlik Replicate.

License is defined between source and target systems. Pricing is based on the number of cores in the source system.


QlikView TürkiyeThe modern analytics era began with the launch of QlikView and its game-changing Associative engine. By bringing business intelligence to more people than ever before, QlikView revolutionized the way organizations use data with intuitive visual exploration. Associative Engine has enabled the use of all analytics at enterprise scale with its powerful augmented intelligence and managed multi-cloud architecture. We continue to lead the way with our new generation analytics platform. Call us to discuss how we can upgrade your QlikView environment to next generation solutions, or for licensing, maintenance, training and consultancy requests regarding your existing QlikView environment.

Named CAL has full functionality. Application development, system management and custom charts during analysis.
Document CAL can access only one document. Considered as report viewer.


Qlik NPrinting Excel E-mailNPrinting lets you create great looking reports from all popular formats including Microsoft Office PowerPoint®, Excel® and Word and automatically send these reports by e-mail. By dragging and dropping existing tables, charts and objects, generate reports directly in Office format. Track automated submissions on a regular basis after creating your professional-level PixelPerfect reports. Apply row-level-security and send each user with own content. NPrinting lets admins to manage the reports from a central point and determine the delivery time and method of delivery. In addition to e-mail, accessible via a corporate folder or via NewsStand.
  • Integration with all popular document formats
  • Single report from multiple apps and analytics sources
  • Highest resolution, quality and accuracy

License Model;
SBE (Small Business Edition) can send e-mail up to 250 users.
EE (Enterprise Edition) has no limitation.